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Pilates Equipments

What is Pilates? What Do Pilates Equipments Do?

Pilates is known as body begging, as a sport that has been done for years. Pilates is a sport that is slightly different from other sports. In other words, Pilates sport is not only physical sport but also spiritual sport. Most people especially do this sport spiritually. Pilates Equipment offers the greatest support and comfort to this sport.

Pilates sport, which takes place on the basis of physiotherapy and rehabilitation (improvement), has been the sport of especially younger generations. As in other sports, there are many tools in Pilates sport. These are referred to as pilates equipment. It is generally known wrongly that pilates does not have enough sports equipment. On the contrary, we should not forget that there are sports equipment used in this sport branch.

How Should Pilates Sport Be Done?

Without needing too much space to do pilates, it can be done anywhere with pilates equipment. During the work, it should be done with certain rules. However, before the sport starts, we must warm our body as in other sports, otherwise we may suffer fatal or permanent damage during flexible work. Rules are indispensable when doing sports, and when the rules are followed, we can get results for our body and spiritual health. Let’s look at the rules in Pilates equipment; It has standard rules such as Center, Control, Sharpness, Breath, Fluent Movement, Concentration.

The center is the belly, waist and hip circumference known as the center, the center is the possibility of stretching and elongation of the upper part of the body.

Control: First of all, we must know what we are doing. First of all, the movements must not be uncontrolled, otherwise there is a risk of injury.

Fluent movement: It should be paid attention to do the movements in order and at the maximum time, rather than the movements made quickly and without a break.

Certainty: In short, we must know what we are doing.

Breathing: As in other sports, the correct breathing method should be used.

Concentration: It is the most important factor in sports.

What are Pilates Fitness Equipment? What is Pilates Equipment?

The Pilates Ball is diversified with its colors and sizes made of flexible and non-explosive material, pilates equipments. Recommended by healthcare professionals. It is used in areas such as stretching, stretching and balance.

The Pilates Mat is laid on the ground instead of a hard floor during sports, allowing more comfortable sports.

Pilates Band has a elastic feature in different colors, which is used in opening and stretching movements.

The ring is made of flexible and durable material, it works all of our body muscles. It is an effective material for fat burning, especially in areas such as arms, legs (inner leg), waist and abdomen.